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Covid Protocol 

Our school follows both the CDC and state child care licensing guidelines and protocol regarding Covid- 19

  • Prescreening at drop-off.
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Facemask required during county High Levels.
  • The same staff and children remain together all day.
  • Deep sanitizing throughout the day.
  • Only staff members are allowed in the school environment.
  • Classrooms use air filters with UV lights.
  • UV lamps for after classtime ends for further sanitizing.

Carlisle Montessori School is more than an excellent childcare option! Our AMI Montessori Method provides superior academic programs for children starting in Toddler (12 months) to Preschool (3/4) and Kindergarten (5). We are a cozy school cottage, located in a neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. Come see how wonderful and nurturing our community is! Sign up for a tour today.

In the words of a Carlisle Parent:

“Our daughter Ishi is in her 3rd year at Carlisle and we see her growing into a responsible, conscious and a confident young girl. We moved from India where Ishi was attending a Montessori school and we wanted her to continue in Montessori here at Atlanta. We are very fortunate to find Carlisle Montessori here. Ms Gina, Ms Njambi, Ms Taral, Ms Sydney and rest all teachers are doing a fabulous job.

In the early years of Montessori it may feel that the child is not learning the usual school stuff (knowing her alphabets, numbers etc) but in the final years of primary program (age 5-6) the child can read, write in cursive, do her math (calculations in 1000s :)), have knowledge of world geography (maps, flags, languages etc) and much more than academics. The child is independent to do most of her chores with little or no help and with pride.

We are very excited and are looking forward to see her complete the 6 year Montessori primary program.”

Ila Shukla - Current Parent At Carlisle Montessori School

Who are we? And what do we do?

Carlisle Montessori School, located in Atlanta, was founded in 2008 by Gina Ward, an AMI trained teacher and director with over 29 years of experience in Montessori Education. Our charming "Children's House" is located in the heart of Atlanta, in the Historic Neighborhood of Lindbergh Martin Manor.

We believe that if you provide your child with a AMI Montessori Education Foundation in the most important first six years of life, your child will have a strong sense of self, independence, community, leadership and acquire critical thinking skills while learning to read, write and learn arithmetic.

Our goal is to closely follow Dr. Maria Montessori’s educational methods and philosophies in guiding and nurturing the "whole child." This means teaching them academically, emotionally and socially. We also make it our aim to provide a beautiful, safe and challenging environment that inspires independence, creativity, social consciousness, personal responsibility and a love for learning. We keep our classrooms intimate and strive daily for excellence both in our environment and in our instruction, so that parents can be sure the AMI Montessori Education their children receive, is of the very highest quality.


AMI Accredited School

Carlisle Montessori School of Buckhead is very proud to be AMI accredited. This accreditation speaks to the accountability and quality of our programs. To learn more about this accredation please visit the AMI USA website provided below.


Our unique & hands-on curriculum includes:

Language, Math, Science, Geography, Sensorial, Practical Life, Art, Music, Spanish, Care of Self, Care of the Environment, Gardening, Environmental Awareness, Cooking, Social Graces, Respect, Accountability and Problem Solving

Dr. Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Rome in 1896. She was the first female physician in Italy. Her educational background also included Anthropology, Psychiatry and Biology. Montessori was very interested in children and their development. She observed how the young children could easily construct themselves from the environment provided to them. How the child  easily absorbed information and experiences. She as a scientist, created a learning method and designed special materials to meet the child's natural needs to adapt to and learn from their world.

In 1907 Maria Montessori opened "Casa Dei Bambini" in San Lorenzo, Italy for the  poor children ages 3 - 6. The children flourished and word of the  "Montessori Method" began to spread throughout the world. In 1929 Dr. Montessori founded Association Montessori International (AMI)  to insure integrity of the principles of the Montessori Method. For a look a the vast journey of her work please enjoy the following links:

Maria Montessori Timeline Video

Maria Montessori (Wikipedia)


Famous Graduates of Montessori

Anne Frank - World War II diarist
George Clooney - Famous actor
Jeff Bezos - Founder of Amazon.com
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis - Former U.S. First Lady
Katherine Graham - Owner/editor of The Washington Post
Chelsea Clinton - Daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton
Larry Page and Sergey Brin - Co-Founders of Google
Julia Child - World famous chef
Sean “P. Diddy” Combs - Ceo of Bad Boy Records, rapper
Prince William and Prince Harry - Sons of the late Princes Diana and Prince Charles

Famous supporters of The Montessori Method

Alexander Graham Bell
Jean Piaget
Sigmund Freud
Thomas Edison
Mahatma Gandhi
Helen Keller