What is Montessori Education?

Over a century ago, Dr. Maria Montessori, the first female physician of Italy, developed a radical educational theory that would forever change notions of learning and the education of young children. Based on her observations and clinical research,  Maria Montessori discovered that children learn best while engaged in purposeful "hands on" activity. Dr. Montessori discovered that young children from birth to 6 years of age have a special mind, which she titled "the absorbent mind." This absorbent mind effortlessly absorbs and retains vast amounts of information and facts. Supporting this theory and standard, Montessori classrooms provide each child with endless opportunities to obtain such information in an supportive and thoughtfully prepared environment that is both organized and esthetically pleasing.

Dr. Montessori believed children placed in mixed aged environments would eliminate competition and foster a giving learning environment where students could help and teach each other. The teacher in a Montessori classroom is a guide who respects each child's individuality and nurtures each student to his or her own place of excellence. This approach sees to to the development of the "whole" child where growth is achieved not only academically, but emotionally, socially, and spiritually; nurturing grace and courtesy, care for oneself and the environment, an appreciation of art and music, and a life long love of exploration & learning.

Montessori students learn to work independently and in groups. Students are encouraged to make decisions at an early age - providing children the opportunity to become creative problem solvers as they manage their time effectively in the classroom. Maria Montessori believed the innate desire of humanity is to adapt and to become independent. This is proven every day in Montessori classrooms where children learn to face new changes and challenges with optimism. Montessori programs based on self-directed, non-competitive activities develop self-confidence. AMI supports Dr. Maria Montessori's Pedagogy and Methods.

Please enjoy this quick animation on Montessori and her method:

Montessori School Education Animation Video


Why choose Montessori?

Montessori Education offers students a beautifully prepared classroom with handmade and "hands on" materials built in accord with our brain's natural desire for abstraction and practical experience. In other words, children in Montessori classrooms do not learn by being told to memorize and regurgitate facts, they learn by doing! The lessons are challenging, manifold and advanced compared to a traditional curriculum. Montessori classrooms promote the teacher's knowledge of each child as an individual as opposed to being indifferently compared by tests scores to a group of their peers. In addition to exceptional academic experiences, the students experience first hand real life lessons of world citizenship, leadership, responsibility, independence, accountability, care for themselves and their environment. Please enjoy this animated video narrated by a parent of three on the light that burns in a child's eyes in Montessori vs. traditional and conventional schools:

Montessori vs Conventional Schools

Modern science backs these conclusions. Dr. Stephen Hughes, Pediatric Neuropsychologist notes Montessori Education supports “executive function” – The area of our brain that is activated when we are called to be CEO of ourselves. He also states that “Montessori is not just one of a number of possible alternative educational approaches; it really is a fantastic educational approach.” Trevor Eissler, author of “Montessori Madness” is also a parent of Montessori students. He shares, “Montessori is the best method of education I have found for children.” Montessori Education allows children to reach their fullest potential on their own pace with the guidance of teachers. Montessori students are excited about school and learning.

 Please enjoy these videos from Dr. Stephen Hughes and Trevor Eissler for more on the subject.

Dr. Stephen Hughes: Montessori and the Future of Education Video

Trevor Eissler - Montessori Madness Video

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