Primary Community Enrolling Now! Ages 3 - 6

Half Day 8:15 - 12:00

Full Day 8:00 - 4:30*

All Day 8:00 - 5:00*

*Montessori Primary Program

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Ages 3 - 6+

Primary Montessori is a mixed - aged classroom for students 3 (independent in the bathroom) - 6+ years of age. Students remain in the Primary class through their Kindergarten Year and graduate out for First Grade. Primary is a 3 to 4 Year Curriculum  Program - depending on the child's date of birth -  for completion.

The Primary Classroom offers a 3 hour uninterrupted morning work cycle for mixed aged students. The children interact together in the classroom throughout the day. Each class is led by an AMI Lead Guide and one assistant. The guide introduces the children to independent and group lessons based on their cognitive and academic level of readiness. Each child is given appropriate lessons in each of the areas of the prepared environment. Children at this age possess what Dr. Maria Montessori called the “ABSORBENT MIND” - the special ability for young children to absorb and retain very easily information and experiences from their environment and culture.

Montessori provides scientifically designed materials which offer the child many opportunities and activities to support this natural tendency. In addition to the morning class, the afternoon class time provides continued academic curriculum for the 5 & 6 year old students who are now mastering advanced lessons in reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, science and more. Because of this unique Three - Four Year Curriculum, students enter the classroom around two and a half and remain for three - four years, graduating out at age six – six and a half, it offers the students the experience of  having a close bond to their peers and Guides. Children and families often feel at home in the Montessori classroom.

The following areas of the Montessori Curriculum are meticulously prepared with specialized materials. Lessons are introduced to the children based on the Guide’s observations for readiness. After the materials have been introduced, the child may choose the lesson independently as often as he/she likes, allowing repetition and mastery. This provides the opportunity for choice, problem solving, cooperation and independence. Montessori students are also given lessons on Grace and Courtesy to support their place in society. Respect for each other and the environment is apparent throughout the classroom community by both Guides and students. Montessori has been said to be a “Peace Education”.

Primary Readiness

The following areas are considered for successful placement in the Primary environment for 3 year old students. Physical and Emotional maturity is more critical than academic readiness.


Physical Independence


Work Interest


  • The child is able to be independent in the restroom and dress one’s self with little or no assistance.
  • Follows simple directions.

  • Child can communicate needs.

  • Can also adapt to the simple classroom routines.

  • Is interested in the Primary lessons
  • Is willing to be introduced to new lessons.
  • Can concentrate for an age appropriate amount of time
  • Is willing to be redirected by Guides (teachers)
  • Can transition well between activities with confidence and willingness.

  • Can interact with peers and Guides (teacher) in a positive and respectful manner.

  • Shows social awareness of others.


“Practicing these skills at home with parents and caregivers will assist the child for a smooth transition.”